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The Delphi Global Analysis Group helps companies turn geopolitical volatility into opportunity.

DG Analysis’s competitive edge is in its staff.

Combining extensive practical experience in the highest offices of government with top-level scholarship lends us three advantages. Our understanding of U.S. policy is not based on speculation. The seniority of our governmental service allows us to discern the forest through the trees. And our scholarship gives us depth and context. Our team goes deep where others go broad. Where others see dots and data points, we connect them.

The result: DG Analysis brings cutting-edge understanding to clients so they can go beyond chasing the latest news to identify underlying trends that will shape tomorrow’s news and grasp game-changing events before they happen.

Based on years of experience and scholarship, DG Analysis is anchored to critical and continual examination of assumptions governing both Washington and the financial world. DG Analysis challenges conventional wisdom with intellectual rigor.

The Delphi Global Analysis Group takes its name and spirit from the ancient Greek Oracle of Delphi. The Delphi Global Analysis Group’s logo includes a stylized version of the circular floor plan of the Tholos Temple in Delphi, dedicated to Athena Pronoia (literally “the one who knows ahead of time”).

DG Analysis focuses on quality, in-depth consulting with a select group of clients to give them a competitive advantage on all affairs related to political risk.